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How many companies use data analytics?

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Data is an important part of business today, which a more significant part of the population knows. A lot of data is estimated to be over 44 zettabytes. That is a lot of data. 

One of the main things we need to master today is mining, analyzing, and extracting value from data. It has to be applied to business solutions for it to help. Today, many companies, government organizations, and industries have embraced data science and big data analytics technologies to alter their operations. The main thing is developing the best solutions to touch people’s lives. 

Many executives feel that embracing data analytics is one of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage. Many companies have exciting stories about how well data analytics has worked. 

Different industries have embraced advanced analytics to thrive in a data-driven world. 

Popular industries that use data analytics


Retailers always focus on getting consumers the products that they need. With predictive data analytics, retailers have an easier time because they can recommend what to buy to their clients. In addition, they can showcase any offers on shopping sites. Data analytics also makes it possible for retailers to personalize customer experience online. They use customers past behavior to formulate content and promotions to ensure users remain engaged. 

With analytics, those engaged in businesses can optimize pricing. However, many consumers still consider pricing an important factor when purchasing products. A good example is Walmart which has Data Cafe, an analytics hub leveraging over 40 petabytes of data related to customers. It helps identify trends. A sales drop of a particular product is also identified, and prices are incentivized to boost sales. 


Every country needs to come up with the best agricultural methods. Introducing data analytics is slowly changing how farmers provide and grow food. In Africa, for example, agriculture is the leading industry. However, a large part of the land is not well utilized. The farmers in the region need more resources to get machinery, technology, and fertilizers to boost yields. It is also hard to access financing from institutions such as banks.

For this reason, some institutions have come in to create a platform that analyses risk-sharing user data to help upgrade farming. Data analytics comes in to assist with the prediction of advanced farming practices value like irrigation systems and fertilizers. This is done to incentivize different lenders to give loans with lower risks. Using different techniques, the value of the resources can be predicted and quantified. Then, they go a step further to check the success probability. 

This is something that can be used in any part of the world. Farms that seem to be underperforming can gain a lot from these types of agricultural programs. 

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In banking, predictive analytics has a significant impact on the industry. Like in the retail setting, banks have started working with external and internal customer data. This data is then consolidated to create a predictive profile of every banking customer. With this information, financial institutions can offer their customers services that are value driven and customized for every individual. This is a much better approach than pushing mass programs and handling all customers as if they are the same. 

Public sector and government

Today, many public organizations worldwide use image recognition, speech, machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics to handle different problems before they become a crisis. Some good examples include crime, where relationships and patterns in criminal activities are observed. This allows security agencies to point out the hotspots making it easier to reduce crime and intervene as needed. This reduces such crimes. 

Another good example is human trafficking. Platforms can be created to monitor dubious ads and connect them to crime rings. Such technology has seen millions of victims rescued and traffickers apprehended. 

Companies embracing data analytics

Large enterprises were the first to recognize the value of data analytics. However, the adoption of such systems is still growing. This has created new strategies, changes, and job roles in the business landscape. Business intelligence software and its benefits for organizations are enhanced with data analytics. 

Data is one of the most important aspects of data today. 

  • 36 percent of companies confirm that data analytics has led to moderate change in competition within industries. 
  • 32 percent have changed longer-term strategies to respond to the changes that data analytics has brought in. 
  • 7 percent of marketers claim they can effectively deliver data-driven and real-time marketing engagements across physical and digital touch points. 
  • About 94 percent of professionals in businesses and enterprises say that data analytics is important for their organization’s digital transformation. 
  • 94 percent of hospitals in the USA have adopted EHRs or digital records to offer digital transformation support. 

Businesses using data analytics

Most businesses today are using data analytics for warehouse data optimization.

  • 57 percent of organizations utilize data analytics to drive change and strategy
  • Around the world, 60 percent of companies use data analytics to drive cost efficiency and process.
  • In 2017, big data analytics was adopted by 53 percent of the businesses
  • Today, 78 percent of all organizations are utilizing data analytics most effectively. 

With the above metrics, it is easy to see that many companies use data today. It is the only way to gain ground and compete in a business environment that is already congested. The figures reflect the fact data analytics has great potential, and there are still many things to anticipate in the coming years. 


Data analytics will keep on growing. There is no doubt about that. Companies are leveraging as many tools as they can to get valuable insights. The data analytics platforms make it easy to gain insights through predictive analysis. The use of data analytics has led to the creation of new job categories and executive positions within the corporate world. Professionals are needed to take the positions which have further led to more job opportunities. Any company that does not embrace data analysis or recognizes the importance of data is missing out on many opportunities today.

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