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What is the salary after the data analyst course?

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In today’s tech world, the demand for data scientists and data analytics professionals is constantly rising. Companies and organizations are leveraging data analytics tools and technologies, hiring data analysts to examine data from marketing campaigns and perform well in the competitive market. By analyzing data properly, companies and organizations can equip themselves better for future marketing campaigns and attaining all their business goals. 

Companies rely on the expertise and knowledge of skilled data analysts and other data analytics professionals to analyze data effectively and derive meaningful results. A data analytics course will help you to get started with a basic training program. Here you can cover the fundamental concepts of data analytics and data analytics tools and technologies. 

How much salary can you expect after undergoing a data analyst course program?

The salary aspects of data analysis look lucrative and rewarding. There is an intense demand for talented and certified data analytic professionals having the proper skill set, and such qualified professionals can enjoy high salary packages and other perks. The average annual salary for a data analyst in the United States as of 2022 is around $66859, per Glassdoor reports. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the annual median salary of a data analyst is around $82360. The salary range may vary depending on location, experience, industry, company, etc. Having a data analyst certification will go a long way to help you secure a decent salary. Data analysts must possess technical skills to stand apart in the competitive job market.

Why should you go for a data analyst certification course?

Data analyst professionals help in organizing and analyzing vast amounts of data. Therefore, they must use various data analytics tools and software to manage their tasks. In addition, they have to interpret the results of their data analysis and present their findings to the stakeholders and non-technical teams. To complete all these tasks efficiently, these professionals must undergo a data analyst course program to hone their skill sets and equip themselves with relevant data analyst practices. 

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Salary of data analyst by experience

A critical factor that can influence the salary of a data analyst is their level of experience and skillsets. The more experience and skill set, the more will be the salary of a data analyst. As per reports by Glassdoor, data analysts with two to four years of experience will earn a salary of $98,682. On the other hand, a senior data analyst with five to seven years of experience will earn $112,593, respectively. Principal data analysts with more than eight years of experience can expect a $138,031 salary and other perks. With more experience and certification, you can position yourself in a leadership role to boost your income potential. The average salary of a data analyst is higher than IT professional. The average annual salary for certified data analyst professionals in India is around INR 6,00,000. The salary for professionals will be at the top if they acquire relevant skill sets and undergo a data analyst course program.

Massive demand for skilled and certified data analysts

Data analytics is a vast and rapidly growing field; as more companies and organizations recognize the importance of data analysis and data analytics tools to manage their daily operations, the demand and job positions for skilled professionals are opening up. Technical professionals who have experience in data analytics are in massive demand. This is because organizations are looking for innovative ways to exploit the capability of big data. As a result, job positions in the data analytics industry increased by around 106% between 2014 and 2017.

  • Plenty of job opportunities 

The demand for certified analytics professionals is steadily increasing in the market. However, there is a massive deficit or a short supply of professionals to fill the open position due to a shortage of requisite skill sets and expertise. If you want to make a career in the demanding field of data analytics, then you need to learn the skills accurately in a data analyst certification course program and stay relevant in the job market. 

  • Flexibility of Work 

Data analysts are not limited to a particular industry as their skill sets pose a massive advantage for them, and they can work in any industry they want. Almost all industries require data professionals and leverage data analytics tools and technologies. Some of the top industries where data analysts are in huge demand and are paid the highest salary are financial, healthcare, human resource management, logistics, banking, etc.

  • Data analytics is a big priority in many companies and organizations.

Around 77% of organizations and top giants consider big data and data analytics key factors driving business growth. A certified data analyst can analyze massive amounts of data quickly and help a business to derive critical insights to frame effective marketing strategies and company policies. As per reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 9% of such professionals working in mathematics and computer occupations are certified in their relevant fields. However, simply learning the skills and acquiring the experience is not enough to succeed in the competitive data analytics industry. If you want to stand out and stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial for you to get certified.

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Data analyst salary in India

Experience is a critical factor that decides the salary package of a data analyst. By undergoing a data analyst course, one can acquire practical experience and expand his or her extensive knowledge of data analytics tools and technologies. According to Payscale, an entry-level data analyst will earn INR 3,56,363.

An early career in data analysis with one to four years of experience comes with a salary structure of INR 5,20,000. A data analyst with experience of 5-9 years will earn INR 8,50,000. An experienced data analyst with experience of over ten years will earn a salary of INR 9 LPA to 14 LPA. 

Data analysts with experience with certified degrees can secure high-paying jobs by negotiating their salary based on their skill sets. Upskilling and updating are essential to get a lucrative opportunity, and this can be possible when you opt for an accredited data analyst course. A data analyst’s salary in India also depends on the location. For instance, the average salary for data analysts working in Bengaluru will be around INR 6 LPA, INR 5,87,500 in New Delhi, INR 5,44,938 in Mumbai, and INR 616779 in Chennai. 

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