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What is the salary of a Data Analyst in Pune with 2 years of experience?

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Data in the present technological world surrounds every business and company. From browsing Internet sources to scrolling through different social media websites, there is immense access to data and information today, so it can be undoubtedly said that data is the new oil in the present 21st century. Companies across diverse industries and sectors have realized the potential value of this data. So they have started increasing their dependence and investment in data analytics and big data solutions. With this growth of data analytics and the big data market, companies, and organizations are increasingly hiring data analysts and data scientists to extract data and derive meaningful insights from this data to drive better informed and data-driven business decisions. 

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Therefore, the demand and popularity for data science professionals like data scientists, data analysts, and data architects will skyrocket in the next decade. Whether you are a student or an expert professional in data analytics, learning data analytics or data science skills will be a smart move toward a rewarding career path. If you’re wondering how much a data analyst earns in India, read the post below to understand data analyst salaries in top cities like Pune.

How much does a data analyst earn in Pune with relevant experience?

Because of its rich historical and educational background in India, Pune is a prime location for the current IT industry. Many startups have been set up in Pune that offer plenty of job opportunities in the field of data science, data analytics, and software development as there is immense scope for research and innovation in Pune; therefore, it is an excellent place for aspirants to become a data analyst and earn a rewarding career for themselves.

Top localities in Pune for data analysts include-

Magar Patta City,

Tech Park


The average salary of a data science professional in Pune is around Rs.5,20,000, and the affordable standard of living here ranges between Rs.8000 to 9000. The exact salary that data analysts earn in Pune depends on their experience level and the type of industry they are working in. A data analyst with two years of experience in the data industry will earn a salary of rupees 7,00,000 per annum. Similarly, the average annual salary of these professionals with three or four years of experience will range from Rs.8,00,000 annually. On the other hand, a data analyst with five to six years of experience can transition to a senior position and earn an average annual fee of Rs.9,00,000 per annum.

Why are data analysts in high demand in Pune?

Data analysts are popular and in high demand in Pune, an economic hub of the IT industry. Data analysts earn a lucrative salary in Pune because of their skillsets and expertise in the data industry. Data analytics professionals help process and examine the datasets of a business enterprise to produce meaningful insights by applying different visualization tools, programming languages, statistical analysis, and other techniques for driving company decisions. To provide better decisions to the organization and business, they must examine the data properly by offering their technical expertise and deriving insights from it. Without data analysts, it is impossible for a company to understand business metrics like the areas they need to focus on for increasing revenue and sales, the products that are working quite well in the market, and the areas where their sales are declining or improving, etcetera. As more companies leverage data analytics tools and technologies in Pune, the demand for these professionals will skyrocket.

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The highest salary for a data analyst

The present salary stats of data analysts in India shows that the median salary of data professionals is Rs.8,65,539. The salary rate per month comes to Rs.72,128 or Rs.16,644 every week. The hourly rate of a data analyst in India is around Rs.402.39. According to specialists working in Pune, a data analyst’s highest salary range can reach Rs.2236272 per annum, depending on the company, industry, and experience level. 

As per research, the lowest average annual salary for data analysts with low experience in Pune is around Rs.80616. Data analysts’ salary range in Pune is mostly influenced by years of education and experience level.

How much money can you make monthly in Pune as a data analyst?

Factors like qualification, experience, and geographical location mostly influence the average income of a data analyst in Pune. The monthly salary for data analysts in Pune is expected to be approximately Rs.72,128.25. If you can expand your skill sets and experience level, you can significantly increase your income opportunities. 

How can you earn the highest salary for a data analyst in Pune?

As the field of data analytics is constantly evolving and increasing in demand, it is the right time for professionals to make a career path in this field and grab the highest salaries. The role of data analyst in Pune is becoming more competitive with each passing day as more experienced professionals and students are building their careers in the data analytics industry. The foremost step towards this career path is to acquire the right training and master all data analyst skills. You can make your cv or resume look impressive and strong by taking certification courses in this field and by polishing your skills. Industry experts will teach the curated course curriculum of data analytics course curriculum so that you can master all the data analytics skills.


Today almost all sectors and industries are leveraging data analytics solutions to make better decisions and adopt strategic measures. The salary for data analysts in Pune can vary depending on the industry they are working in. Although data analysts are highly in demand, there is a steep shortage of talented professionals in the competitive market. As per IBM report, the demand for data analysis in India is quite high in industries like technical services, financial and insurance or information technology or manufacturing, management, health care, etcetera. Starting your data analyst career may be your first step toward your career path. As you gain more skills and experience, you can advance to a senior-level data analyst position at a company. The senior-level data analyst position comes with different skill sets and knowledge base requirements, so that the compensation can vary accordingly.

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