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What is the Salary of an IBM Data Scientist in Pune

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Data Science is the quickest-developing field on the planet, and many organizations are vigorously building their Information Science groups. One of the biggest technology companies in the world, IBM, is looking for Data Scientists for various positions in Pune, India. In this article, we will investigate the compensation of IBM Information Researchers in Pune because of data accessible from different sources.

The IBM Data Scientist Job Profile 

Before getting into the specifics of the salary, it is essential to comprehend the Data Scientist job profile at IBM. The Data Scientist position at IBM requires candidates to “apply advanced analytical methods and algorithms to extract insights from large and complex data sets,” as stated on the company’s career website. Predictive model development and implementation, statistical analysis, and data visualization to convey findings to stakeholders are all part of the job.

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Salary of IBM Data Scientists in Pune 

Several sources provide information regarding the salaries of IBM Data Scientists in Pune. 

The key findings are as follows:

  • Indeed: The average annual salary for a Data Scientist at IBM in Pune, as reported by Indeed, is 8,56,422 rupees. But, this depends on just 8 pay rates submitted secretly by IBM workers, which may be something other than a delegate test.
  • Glassdoor: The salary range for IBM Data Scientists in Pune can be found in greater detail on Glassdoor. At IBM Pune, a Data Scientist can expect to earn between 6,40,000 and 19,00,000 rupees per year, according to Glassdoor. Moreover, Glassdoor reports that IBM offers different advantages, like medical coverage, life coverage, and retirement plans.
  • AmbitionBox: A career platform called AmbitionBox offers salary information based on employee reviews. Based on 43 anonymous IBM employees’ salaries, AmbitionBox estimates that the average salary for a Data Scientist at IBM in Pune is 9,49,175 per year.
  • KnowledgeHut: According to a KnowledgeHut blog entry, an information researcher’s yearly compensation in India costs $6,000 to $8,000 based on experience, abilities, and location. Additionally, IBM is mentioned as one of the Indian companies that offer Data Scientists competitive salaries.

Salary range and factors affecting it:

In Pune, an IBM Data Scientist earns an annual salary of 8,56,422 to 10,30,000. However, this range can be affected by many things, including experience; the extent of a Data Scientist’s experience; the particular work liabilities of their situation; and the willingness of the company to pay for these duties. For instance, senior Data Scientists typically earn more than junior Data Scientists with less than three years of experience.

Education: Education level also has an impact on income range. Data scientists having a Bachelor’s degree are considered to earn less than that holding a master’s degree.

Skills: Pay tends to be higher for data scientists with in-demand skills like machine learning, natural language processing, and data mining than those with basic skills.

Organization size and industry: The size of the organization and the business likewise assume an urgent part in deciding the compensation range for Information Researchers. For example, retail salaries are lower than smaller businesses and industries like finance and healthcare.

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Career Growth Opportunities

IBM provides its Data Scientists with ample career growth opportunities in Pune. The well-organized career development program at the company helps employees advance. The following are included in the program:

  • Regular exercise: IBM gives its employees regular training to help them learn new skills and stay current on the latest technologies.
  • Mentorship: IBM’s mentorship program connects senior-level mentors and junior-level employees. This makes it easier for lower-level employees to learn from professionals with more experience and offer helpful advice.
  • Inside work postings: IBM allows employees to apply for higher-level positions within the company by encouraging internal job postings. They can take on more demanding roles and responsibilities due to this.
  • Recognition: IBM recognizes and values its employees’ contributions to the business’s success. The organization gives different acknowledgment programs, including a representative of the month and yearly honors, to appreciate and recognize its representatives’ persistent efforts and commitment.
  • Opportunities worldwide: IBM is a multinational corporation with clients and offices worldwide. IBM gives Pune-based Data Scientists a chance to work on projects with clients worldwide and gain international exposure.
  • Further education: IBM reimburses tuition for approved courses and programs to encourage employees to continue their education.
  • Leave for a father: IBM offers paternity passes to its representatives, permitting new dads to get some much-needed rest work to bond with their infant youngsters.
  • Volunteer open doors: IBM provides various volunteer opportunities, including company-sponsored volunteer events, to encourage its employees to give back to their communities.
  • Inclusion and diversity: IBM is committed to diversity and inclusion and has several programs to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment. Examples include diversity training, employee resource groups, and a commitment to hiring a diverse workforce.

Working as an IBM Data Scientist in Pune has many perks, including a competitive salary, career advancement opportunities, and a supportive work environment.


In conclusion, working as an IBM Data Scientist in Pune offers a fantastic chance to develop a career in data science while taking advantage of many benefits. IBM is a desirable employer for Data Scientists in Pune due to its dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, its competitive salary, its extensive benefits package, and its opportunities for professional development.

IBM provides Pune-based Data Scientists with the opportunity to work on various projects and gain international exposure thanks to its presence in over 175 countries and diverse clientele across industries. In addition, data scientists in Pune can also improve their technical and business skills by taking advantage of IBM’s continuing education programs and tuition reimbursement benefits.

Through its paternity leave policy, IBM demonstrates its commitment to work-life balance by supporting new fathers and fostering a healthy work environment. Furthermore, IBM urges its representatives to reward their networks through different workers’ open doors, advancing self-improvement and advancement.

Overall, an opportunity to work as an IBM Data Scientist in Pune is highly desirable because it provides opportunities for professional advancement, a supportive work environment, and a competitive salary. IBM is an excellent option for Pune-based data scientists looking for a challenging and rewarding career in data science because of its extensive benefits package.

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